Michelle Davies 

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Undulations Series 

My latest series 'Undulations' feels not only slightly out of place in rural Oxfordshire, but mystical and otherworldly when I was painting there. My eyes saw field, but my mind conjured images of ancient earth religions and celestial bodies. 
'Uffington Undulations' 
Acrylic on canvas 
100 cm (w) x 40 cm (h) 
'Autumnal Undulations at Uffington' 
Acrylic on canvas 
100 cm (w) x 40 cm (h) 
'Fishbowl at Uffington' 
Acrylic on canvas 
120 cm (w) x 120 cm (h) 
'Float with the lilies' 
Acrylic on canvas 
100 cm (w) x 100 cm (h) 
'Along the coastline of Beaumaris' 
Acrylic on Canvas 
100cm (w) x 100cm (h) 


<Fat Bird 

I love 'Fat Bird'. Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason as to where inspiration comes from, but I had great fun painting this series based on a play on words. The bright colours stand out and the aim is to portray character in the bird's expressions.  
I layered paint and then dragged it across the canvass to gain the effect. 
'Fat Bird' 
Acrylic on Canvas 
25cm (w) x 35cm (h) 

Aston Martin DB5 > 

The 'Aston Martin DB5' is not the type of subject 
matter I would normally be inspired to paint, even though 
I appreciate it's beautiful form. But having recently  
completed 'Apparition' (which is essentially a ship painting) 
and having just comeback from the Goodwood Festival 
of Speed, I loved the Aston's shape and decided to 
paint a modern and a classic car in a similar style. 

Aston Martin 

Acrylic on Canvas 
92cm (w) x 61cm (h) 



Minster Lovell, 
Oxfordshire at Dusk 

'Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire at Dusk' 
Acrylic on Canvas 
80cm (w) x 60cm (h) 

Bodleian, Oxford 
at Dusk 

'Bodleian, Oxford at Dusk' 
Acrylic on Canvas 
80cm (w) x 60cm (h) 


Acrylic on Canvas 
100cm (w) x 70cm (h) 
Oil on Canvas 
60cm (w) x 80cm (h) 


She is nothing but a dreamer 

Acrylic on Canvas 40cm (h) x 120cm (h) 
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